Founded by a mother of an autistic child

The center was established in 2015 founded by Soumya Elhajaoui mother of Dana, an autistic individual. She was motivated to establish a center where her daughter and other special needs individuals could receive qualified services.

Our Services

Internationally accredited

"Behavior Health

Center of Excellence"

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Therapy designed to decrease problematic behavior and increase appropriate skills and behavior. This treatment is overseen by a BCBA.

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Academic Support

Evaluate academic deficiencies and provide support accordingly to the academic need.

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Special Education

Group classes with a maximum of 5 students per class. Each child receives and Individualized Education Plan (IEP)

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Physical Education

Sessions designed to help individuals become independent addressing life skills, motor skills, sensory integration, etc.

Working Together

We provide full transparency with the families and have an open door policy

Seesaw Application

  • Daily therapy Summaries
  • Pictures and videos


  • Parents can schedule live observations
  • Once a month, parents may request a recorded video of a whole session

Parent Training

  • Receive specific training for your childs needs

Progress Reports

  • summary of progress made

Open door policy

  • All parents are welcome to discuss their child case
  • the door is always open


Our mission is to improve the quality of life of special needs individuals and their families by providing evidence-based therapy and education creating a safe and fostering environment filled with respect and compassion

Blooming Dreams

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A lovely place and friendly team, making children enjoy going to school

Hear From Our Clients

Mom Brushing Daughter's Hair
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My son got a lot of help from Dana. The therapists worked hard to improve my son's behaviour and increase language skills. Mr. Joseph identified problem areas and made effective step by step plan for my son. In 5 months times, my son started using words more in daily activities and also wrote letters independently. I highly recommend Dana Special Education

Watercolor Father Carrying His Son
Mother Carrying Daughter and Laughing
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Thank you to Mr. Joseph and all staff at the center. There has been a great development for my daughter in all areas. Just thank you guys for working so hard, keep it up

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I can’t thank you enough for what you have provided for my daughter throughout her journey with Dana Special Education. I have learned a lot in this distinguished center.

Every morning the staff receive her as if she was a new client at the center with a great smile and kindness. All the therapist and teachers feel as if they carry a great responsibility. Thank you with all of my heart and we wish you continued success and success.

Watercolor Father Walking with His Toddler
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The center is a hero and the services are very good!! I am comfortable knowing my son is in Dana Center. I travel from far away to get the services because he has improved a lot and he is treated with love and respect.

Hear From Our Clients

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I am so happy! Thank God! because of God and because of all of you at Dana Center, for the first time yesterday my son said and repeated the word (Baba) all the time!

Mashallah! from the moment I enrolled him in Dana Center I began to see the developments

Thank you very much

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I have seen from my own eyes how much my daughter has improved since she joined Dana Special Education

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I’ve been wanting to tell you this! We’ve all noticed good changes. He’s more interactive, initiative, and less rigid now. And he is somehow better at responding to instructions. Thank you sooo much for your effort!

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Textured Organic Mother Helping with Homework
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We are here to help


Send us a message and let's see how we can help.

Initial consultation with the BCBA is always free!


+973 3232 2256 (Arabic)

+973 3939 3979 (English)


+973 3232 2256 (Arabic)

+973 3939 3979 (English)



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